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The Mindful Designer

The Buddhist tradition is essentially about the discipline of the mind to attain Enlightenment or transcendental wisdom, but its techniques and outlook can (and should, for the Buddhist) be applied to any task at hand, including design.  The application of … Continue reading

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The Peeling of the Papaya: Buddhist Meditation on Connectedness

INTRODUCTION One of the most important skills of the landscape architect is to realize connections in the landscape.  “Realize” is meant both in the sense of understanding and in the sense of achieving or building.  Realizing connections might be, in … Continue reading

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On the 200th Birthday of Charles Darwin

As a 15-year old Catholic, reading “On the Origin of Species” and “Descent of Man” was a liberating experience. It opened up for me a new paradigm of the world. It helped me develop answers to the questions: “Who am … Continue reading

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