What do you carry? A Landscape Architect’s Field Bag


For a landscape architect, field work is as important as drawing and model-making in the studio, and a few good pieces of field gear are a must:

  • Small sketchbook and drawing implements – For field work, I prefer a sketchbook with grid paper to make it easier to draw to scale.  A Lamy Safari fountain pen is a favorite pen for the field.  I also carry Pigma Micron 01 and Pentel Sign pens, a Staedtler lead holder, and a few Prismacolor colored pencils and/or Flair colored markers.
  • Camera – I use a trusty Panasonic Lumix LX3 with Leica optics.  A wonderful little thing.
  • Compass – A Suunto MC-2 global field compass (with clinometer) is essential for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, for orienting plans, estimating the height of trees, and many other things (including returning safely to your starting point if you are in the wilderness!).  The scale on the baseplate of the compass comes in handy for drawing to scale.
  • Measuring tape – At least 15 meters long, with a crank to make it easier to rewind.
  • Swiss Army knife – Its uses are endless, from sharpening pencils to peeling an orange to obtaining cuttings from unknown plants for later ID in the studio.
  • Shoulder bag – For day trips, I prefer a shoulder bag rather than a bulky backpack; specially in the tropics, a backpack will make you sweat more!
  • Other stuff – A wide-brimmed hat, water, and snacks (not shown) are also necessities 🙂

Happy field work….


About José Juan Terrasa-Soler

JJ is a registered landscape architect, ecologist, and university professor living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a practicing Buddhist and enjoys hiking, nature exploration, amateur astronomy, and fountain pens.
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  2. David Santiago says:

    Saber qué es arte y qué es ciencia depende en realidad de la perspectiva de quien responde. Es cierto que cada arte tiene su ciencia, un procedimiento el cual se usa para unos fines, al igual que las ciencias tienen su arte de como procesar y desarrollar segun la intuición. Segun mi punto de vista, el arte es intuición mientras que las ciencias son experimentación.

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