Freedom Fire

It was instantaneous like a hot fire raging through the forest it took everything on its path destroyed demolished eliminated with a sweetness and tenderness unseen before it was wild and free it was animal it was instinctual without thinking like magnets attracting accelerating to each other until contact made the explosion obvious and plainly observable by all in awe the fire started and burned with delight leveling all obstacles and rendering them insignificant friendships and old relationships all made trivial in a moment of fire how ridiculous but how right it felt at the moment our eyes crossed in that one fortuitous space on that one second of truth of light forever of coming home of never going back all things thrown over and all things rebuilt at once yesterday and tomorrow united in nothingness only now and now forever its only virtue lies in pure presence and in pure truthfulness even though a rain of tears washed away any enjoyment or fleck of pleasure now nested on the sugary ashes are memory and nostalgia and stillness and the peace of realizing evolving suchness…


About José Juan Terrasa-Soler

JJ is a registered landscape architect, ecologist, and university professor living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a practicing Buddhist and enjoys hiking, nature exploration, amateur astronomy, and fountain pens.
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