It’s 8:00 am on a cold Sunday morning.  It has rained a few hours ago….  The air is cold and moist.  The cold front traversing this tropical archipelago transforms it.  All is quiet; the sun tries to shine through the clouds….  Blue, gray and green…  The blue-gray water of the bay and channel shimmers lightly….  Blue cranes of the port area rise above it…. Green of everything else…. Except the few white and grayish spots of buildings…  The green spotted hills capitulate to the green giant rainforest of El Yunque far on the horizon…. The water taxi zips out of the channel and into the bay in its perfunctory travel, perhaps with no one inside…  The sharp squeak of a red-tailed hawk transforms the city…. And in the thick of buildings, in the thick urban fabric of Miramar, Nature has taken over…. At least for the moment…


About José Juan Terrasa-Soler

JJ is a registered landscape architect, ecologist, and university professor living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a practicing Buddhist and enjoys hiking, nature exploration, amateur astronomy, and fountain pens.
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